About Our Agendas

Our process for putting together the agenda is to take our standard template for meeting minutes and "pre-fill" as much of it as possible with actual content submitted in advance. To facilitate the meeting and the taking of the minutes at the meeting, we often use a copy of the previous meeting's minutes as the template and leave content from that meeting, usually as crossed out text.  The document at this stage is considered our Agenda. At the meeting the Agenda will be edited in real time to reflect the activity of the meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, the document then is considered the Draft 1 of the meeting minutes. The Agenda/Minutes document is posted on the Minutes page of the web site and is updated with new content as it is submitted prior to the meeting. Support materials and reports are posted along with the Agenda as well.

Summary List of all Motions of the Board

Agendas Minutes/Motions Reports and Exhibits
  2018-01-16 Report - Presidents Report and Notes for the 2018 Annual Meeting
  2017-01-17 Report - Presidents Report and Notes for the 2017 Annual Meeting
  2016-01-19 Report - Presidents Report and Notes for the 2016 Annual Meeting
  2015-01-15 Report - Presidents Report and Notes for the 2015 Annual Meeting
  2014-01-21 Report - Presidents Report and Notes for the 2014 Annual Meeting
  2011-10 Proposal - Masters Play Free if they have club Membership
  2011-01 Minutes - 2011 Annual Meeting
  2007-01 Proposal - Purchase of Membership Key Chain
Proposal - Purchase of Membership Recognition buttons
  2005-01 To officially change the time of the end of registration for Monthly events - See Motions of the Board
  2004-12-30 Proposal - Purchase of Notebook Computer
Supporting Material - Quote for Notebook Computer
Proposal - Change of Phone Service and Messaging
Proposal - 2005 Summer Scholastic Proposal with 2004 Report
Proposal - Monthly Tournament Policy & Procedures Changes Proposals
Report - Treasurer's Disbursement Summary
Report - Monthly Tournament
Report - Championship Event
Rules - 2005 Championship Rules
  2004-02-19 Scholastics 2003 Final Report with 2004 Proposal


2003-10-09 Proposed Election Policies  Changes Draft 01
Chess School Final Report -MCC-CS 101
Monthly Tournament and Club Championships Proposal  Draft 2003-10-09
2003-04-24 Request for materials from each Board member and Program Director
Motion_2003-03-0012 Email Vote - Web Team Budget
2002-09-19 2002-09-19 2002-09-19 Report Collection
Post Meeting Comments
Proposal for a Book Study program - link is  elsewhere on this page.
2003 Summer Scholastics Program - link is  elsewhere on this page.
Draft of Bylaw changes
Draft of new P&P text to be added
1998-12-06 1998-12-06
Motion 1998-09-01 Accelerated Pairings
Motion 1998-05-01 Computer Pairings
1998-02-08 1998-02-08
  1997-03-04 Report - Presidents Report and Notes for the 2015 Annual Meeting
  1996-05 Report - Presidents Report and Notes for the 2015 Annual Meeting
1995-04-09 1995-04-09