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Our Core Program

The heart of the club is our Monthly Tournament.  Below is a quick summary that describes what this is about.
Our MCC Monthly Tournaments are a chess tournament series that runs USCF-rated games in a 40/90 SD/30 Swiss format every Tuesday evening starting at 7:30 pm, one game per night.
These weekly games are played over the course of each month form the tournament, with prizes offered for each section.
We open the doors at 6:30 pm before each round, so you can relax, socialize, and play casual chess to get warmed up, or attend our Weekly Group Lesson.
After each round, unwind in our skittles room while you do a post-mortem of your game with your opponent, or look in on other post-mortems.
MCC Monthly Tournaments offer a complete chess tournament experience in a convenient weeknight format.

Some of our Other Programs

In addition to our Monthly Tournament, we have a number of other programs going on at the club.  Among these are:


Here's how to Sign up to Play at the club
Here's how to get on the Club Email List

Learning more about the Club

To learn more about the club, return to our home page and explore our site.  We've organized our site along three central themes
  • Community - looking at the club in terms of the people who participate
  • Compete - looking at the different ways in which we organize our play
  • Learn & Improve - looking at the different ways we go about increasing knowledge of the game

We hope you will choose to play at the MCC and become a part of our Chess community.