How to Sign up

  Getting started at the MCC is easy.  Simply arrive at the club between 6:30 and 7:15 and we'll walk you through the steps of joining and provide you will all the information you may need.
  While membership in the USCF (United States Chess Federation) is not required to be an MCC member, it is highly recommended and necessary in order to play in any of our tournaments
  The core activity of the club is the monthly tournament.  Because it is our core activity, almost all of our members play in the monthly tournament.  Occasionally someone who was unable to play in the current month's event may show up to watch the games and play some casual (non-rated) chess, but for the most part, there will be no-one around to play who is not in the event.  If you were to just attend the Weekly Group Lesson and not play in the tournament, you would likely have to  wait until players have finished their tournament game before someone will be free to play a casual game.
  If you haven't already read our FAQ called  Why Play at a club, you really should to understand why you should be playing in the monthly tournament if you want to learn and improve.

Club Membership

  If you are already a member of the USCF you do not have to join the club to play in our Monthly Tournament.  You do have to join if you want to enjoy any of the other Club activities or Programs.
The table below shows the different Club memberships that are available.


$30 per year

$15 for six months


$15 per year

Must be 18 years of age or younger.


$5 per year

above the highest applicable single-member rate.  All members must reside at the same address



Age 65 or Over

USCF Membership ??

To play in our Monthly Tournaments, USCF Membership is Required.
  The USCF has a number of different membership options available.  The USCF allows clubs to offer a small discount on the memberships.  When you join at the club, we offer you the discounted price as we want to make it as inexpensive for you to get started as possible.  The table below shows many of the USCF membership options at the prices available for us to offer you.

USCF Membership Fees (at the discounted rate)


1 Year

2 Years

3 Years










$  65

19 or under




$  49

14 or under,  5 magazines, 1 year book




$  88

65 or older




$  65

Same residence, No Magazines

Adult   Economy




No Magazine

Scholastic Economy



$  34

No Magazines

Note:  If the USCF changes their rates and membership types and our table may become unexpectedly out of date.  The prices shown are for guidance purposes only.

So, just what are the costs, How much are you spending and How often?

Lets look at a  typical scenario of an Adult who's only been playing Internet chess and now wants to join the club and play.
  • Once per year - USCF Adult Membership, $45
  • Once per year - MCC Membership, $30
  • Once per month that you choose to play - typically $15  for members ($20 if five weeks in the month)
  Each month that you want to play, you must pay the entry fee for that months event.  If you skip a month, you pay nothing.  You only pay when you show up to register for the months event.

Special Introductory Offer for those New to the USCF who want to join the club

  We recognize that the cost to get started in a new activity when your not yet sure of how much you will enjoy it is an important factor.  To make it easier to get started with rated play and to get you the full rights and privileges of club membership, we have crafted a special introductory offer that offers a real savings in a very short amount of time.  Here it is:
    If you join the club when you are joining the USCF or have played 5 rated games or fewer, the club will give you FREE entry into the current tournament in progress as well as the next month's tournament.
  In a nutshell, you basically make back your entire Club membership in two months.  After you've made back your membership, your membership gives you $5 off of each events so you will save each time you play.
  This means that on the night you first show up to get started, you need to pay only your USCF and club dues, $75.
  Our Special Introductory offer has proven to be very successful and almost no-one chooses to join the USCF and not join the club at the same time.  It just doesn't make sense not to because you get the current tournament and one additional one free, so there's your membership right there.  On the very few occasions that someone has chosen not to join the club at the same time, it has been because they couldn't yet determine if they would want to purse the activity of chess with such "seriousness" yet.
  We recommend that you look at joining the USCF and MCC to get started in your chess improvement as a three month course which meets once a week for three months but with the option of skipping when you want or if you need to.  Give it that amount of time to see how you like it.  Think of it as investment in yourself.
If you'd like to see a detailed example of how the Special Introductory offer saves you money, click Here