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Our MCC Monthly Tournaments are a chess tournament series that offers USCF-rated games in 40/90 SD/30 Swiss format every Tuesday evening starting at 7:30pm. We generally offer 3 sections, with section breaks that change each month for variety. These weekly games over the course of each month form the tournament, with prizes for each section. The entry fee is $5.00 for each round in the event. MCC members get one round free!  Masters rated at ELO 2200 and above get free entry.
MCC has over 100 members, with an average of 65 players each round. We have players of all strengths, from novice (ELO <1000) to Master (ELO > 2200), so you can be sure to be properly paired. We run our tournaments efficiently, with several Tournament Directors available to handle any questions you may have. Results from each round, and who you’re projected to be paired with next are posted to our website within 24 hours. Results from the whole tournament are submitted to USCF for rating within 7 days of the end of the tournament.
We open the doors at 6:30 pm before each round, so you can relax, socialize, attend the Weekly Group Lesson or just play casual chess to get warmed up. During the round, get up for a stretch and look in on the top boards to see how the best players do it. After each round, unwind in our skittles room while you do a post-mortem of your game with your opponent, or look in on other post-mortems. Our MCC Monthly Tournament offers a complete chess tournament experience in a convenient weeknight format.