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2008 Summer Scholastics program

July 10, 17, 24, 31

All Players must be under 15 years of age by the end of the event. (Born after July 31, 1993)

You may Register Online using PayPal


Current Standings


You can register when you show up to play (but arrive early)

To save time please fill out the Form in advance and bring it with you that evening

Program Flyer (PDF )

Entry Form (PDF)




Rating Eligibility

Time Control





Any rating


4 rounds, 1 game per night

July 10, 17, 24, 31 (Thursday Nights)


First Reserve

Under 900


8 rounds, 2 games per night

July 10, 17, 24, 31 (Thursday Nights)


Second Reserve

Unrated event


8 rounds, 2 games per night

July 10, 17, 24, 31 (Thursday Nights)



Games will begin at 6:30 PM sharp  and will end no later than 8:30 PM.

Explanation of Time control:
    G/60 means each player gets 60 minutes for the whole game.  The game may take up to 2 hours
    G/30 means each player gets 30 minutes for the whole game.  The two games in one night may take up to 2 hours to finish

Information for Parents

HTML PDF Frequently Asked Questions about the Summer Program
HTML PDF Summer Program Handbook
    Additional Details for items in the Handbook
HTML PDF How to Record Game Moves

A Call for Volunteers

  As you may have learned from our FAQ document, all our programs are run by unpaid volunteers.  As is the often the case in small organizations such as ours, volunteers are often difficult to come by.  When our volunteers for supporting a program are few in number, the program is put at risk of cancellation on any given night if unforeseen work or family issues arise for the volunteers.  This means that a great number of participants might find themselves disappointed on short notice.  Of course we work hard to make sure this won't happen but when many depend on just one or two people, there is always a risk.  For this reason we ask you to consider if you can help us in any small way.  Below are some of the ways we've identified you might be able to assist us in helping us assure that this program is run well, reliably and without undue stress (burn-out) for our few volunteers.
    Back-up - Currently we have just two volunteers running the entire program, and we'll be taking vacations (at different times, we hope!).  If you feel that you will be able to serve as an emergency backup, this would be of great help.
    Publicity - We can always use help in spreading the word about the Summer Scholastics program.  We want to make this great program available to any who may wish to participate.  Please refer people to the Summer Scholastics page on our website.  If you visit a location where flyers might find their way to interested parties, please pick some up from us to distribute.
    Watchful eyes - This is simply a matter of paying attention to what is happening at the club when you are there and possibly asking the organizers if there is some little task you can do.  Things such as taping up the results or watching over something for a short period are small but important things that can make a big difference for all.
    Regular Volunteers - The best way to ensure that the program will continue at the club is to commit yourself to being a "Regular Volunteer".  The first three years of the program were run by a single individual who has since moved out of state.  The club, and more importantly the participants were "lucky" this year to find a person who is both a chess player and parent of participants, willing to step up this year and see that the program would exist.  The work itself is not difficult but does require attention.  As we've discovered in our regular Tuesday night events where we have several regular volunteers for that program, the work and stress are greatly reduced when there are more people helping out.