Team Email Matches

  1. IECC (International Email Chess Club) is the group we play matches against
  2. Format is two games per player, one white one black, against the same or different opponents
  3. Games last 3-9 months, and are played via email
  4. This is a great way to stretch your analytic skills to improve your Monthly Tournament experience
  5. James Krycka and Harvey Reed are organizers of the teams. Each team will have a Captain chosen from the players
  6. We are looking for players with a determination to improve their level of MetroWest CC OTB play with slow email games. The successful player will enjoy a protracted complex battle that will consume their waking thoughts :-)
  7. No computers for analysis or choosing moves. Computers for database operations and opening research only.
  Current Matches
   contact Harvey Reed if you are interested in organizing a match
  Completed Matches
  MCC-01 v IECC-64
  MCC-02 v IECC-70
  MCC-03 v IECC-84
  Contact Info
  Harvey Reed HReed AT
More Info
MetroWest CC Team Email Matches is a free member-only benefit that provides a team-oriented person a way to play chess via email correspondence chess matches. This is an opportunity to analyze variations to a depth that is impossible in "over-the-board" chess. This will sharpen your skills for future MetroWest CC Monthly Tournaments!
You will be assigned to an MetroWest CC Team, with a Captain, and play an opposing team from the International Email Chess Club (IECC). There are several formats possible, but the favorite is the two game format where you play two games, one as White and one as Black, against opponents who are matched to your strength. We add 150 points to your ELO to get a rough equivalent for IECC ratings. Your games will last several months.