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MCC-CS 123 Opening Repertoire III - March 2008 through June 2008

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MCC-CS 122 Opening Repertoire II - January 2007 through March 2007

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MCC-CS 121 Opening Repertoire I - June 2005 through November 2005

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MCC-CS 101 Endgame Fundamentals - November 2002 through October 2003

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Older Courses - prior to 2002 (John Chamberlain, Joel Johnson, Derek Slater)


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John Chamberlain
2000 Mar
Counting in King & Pawn Endgames
      All parts (146KB)  
John Chamberlain
1999 Dec
Visualization and Patterns
CVB (10KB) HTML (81KB) PGN (20KB) Part 2 (95KB)

Part-3 (83KB)

Part-1 (31KB)
Joel Johnson
1999 Jan
CBV (3KB) HTML (36KB) PGN (3KB) Chapter-1 (304KB)

Chapter-2 (162KB)

Chapter-3 (455KB)

Derek Slater
1998 Dec