Game Advice

MCC Game Advice is a member-only benefit that offers free game Advice. A team of volunteer Expert level MCC players answers requests for specific Advice. This gives you the opportunity to learn how the Expert thinks, and in turn improve your play and thinking during the game. In many cases, this is much more valuable than the rote “analysis” that a playing “engine” such as Fritz will give.  

The Experts receive the games and the request for specific Advice as submitted by you, via MCC email. We encourage you to take advantage of this program, and we are prepared to handle several games per week. Typically within a week, one of the Experts will read your request for specific Advice, annotate the appropriate part of the game, and return their commentary to you.

Game Advice Director
MCC will also ask you if it is ok to add your game on the MCC Game Collection, so that others can also learn. We have found through the MCC Weekly Group Lesson that learning by example is a powerful tool. Seeing how you and other MCC players think in a real tournament game, making decisions real-time, and how to win a won game makes all the difference. Please join other MCC players and submit your game today!


Ask for specific Advice, the Experts will not completely analyze the game

  1. Your game score 
  2. Your specific questions and the move number or numbers it relates to 

Some of the questions we are prepared to give Advice on are: 

  • Where did I start to go wrong (it might not be where you think) ? 
  • What is the idea of the opening at this point? 
  • At this point in the game, what should I be looking at? 
  • Who's has better chances and why? 
  • Should I trade off pieces and head into the endgame? 
  • Which files did my Rooks really belong in? 

For your questions, you should offer your own thinking about the answer. There are no wrong answers, the goal is to compare this to what the Expert says.

How to submit to MCC email

Send your game with your request for specific Advice to Games at 

Your game must be in either ChessBase/Fritz archive format or in PGN format. 

Note: If you have Fritz, you simply move the pieces with your mouse to enter the game and then ask it to create the file that you'll e-mail. Put Fritz into infinite analysis so it won't try to play while you enter the moves. Alternatively, you can use an editor (such as NotePad) to enter your game in PGN format. To understand how to write PGN, click here. 

If you don't have Fritz, we highly recommend you get it if you have a PC. About 90% of the players at the MCC who use a computer program, and many do, use Fritz. Fritz will analyze your whole game and provide tactical commentary and standard lines for the opening that was played. To purchase Fritz visit (phone orders 1-800-524-3527) The cost should be about $55 including shipping. 

Then what? 

  1. If your game is selected, you will be sent a copy with the Advice included in game game score. 
  2. The game will be published in the MCC Game Collection, unless you request otherwise 

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