Group Class

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The MCC Weekly Group Lesson is a free member-only benefit of structured and facilitated instruction on Tuesday evenings before the start of the round of the MCC Monthly Tournament. An MCC Expert facilitates each group lesson. The format of each lesson is usually a review of strategic and tactical themes from past games of Masters and Grandmasters from around the world. 
The Weekly Group Lessons are structured so they start around 6:30 pm on the evening of a Monthly Tournament round. They conclude a few minutes before the start of the Monthly Tournament round. We use chess software projected on a large screen so everyone can easily see the board and variations that are played through.
The Weekly Group Lesson is the most popular form of "learn and improve" activities that MCC offers. We have been running and evolving these lessons since 1998. It started as the "Study Group", and evolved into Weekly Group Lessons as we fine-tuned the format. Come and see for yourself why so many MCC members warm up before each round with the MCC Weekly Group Lesson!
NOTE: Normally we make Round 1 casual to make room for the book & equipment vendor.