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The MetroWest Chess Club has prepared and filed an application for recognition of exemption under Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended, and that the Corporation register with the Division of Public Charities of the Office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and has taken any and all actions to qualify as a tax exempt charitable corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
The club is a volunteer organization drawing its officers and directors from the membership.
The Governance of the organization is directed by three types of documents, the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Policies and Procedures.  Each is described below:
  • The Articles of Incorporation - This document establishes the MetroWest Chess Club as a duly recognized entity with the state of Massachusetts and thus the Federal Government.  The Articles of Incorporation is the primary and defining document of the organization and as such they will rarely, if ever change.
  • The Bylaws - The bylaws define the working structure of the organization and establish the rights of the membership and as such it too should rarely if ever be modified.
  • Policies and Procedures - While the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws establish the organization's identity, organization member rights, they provide little  guidance regarding the actual process to carry out the actions dictated by them.  In addition, the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, being established to provide the framework of the organization, contain no knowledge of actions that will be taken by Officers and Directors in fulfilling the mission of the organization.  Policies and Procedures are necessary to provide the framework to guide and govern the programs and activities established by the Officers and directors in the course of carrying out their duties.
More about Policies and Procedures
In 2002 the club began to significantly expand the activities it was attempting to carry out on a regular basis.  With the increase of activity being carried out by the club attendant with its larger participation and greater enthusiasm of its members, a single Policies and Procedures document became impractical  to maintain.  To better meet the needs of the organization, the Policies and Procedures document was divided into several documents.  It is the collection of these documents together that establish the entire Policies and Procedures of the club.  A particular benefit of this approach to managing the Policies and Procedures is that each program that may come into existence may now  have its own document to establish is scope and bounds.   Over time it is anticipated that some programs may become inactive.  When a program becomes inactive, its Policies and Procedures effectively become inactive, though still valid. If some time in the future the program (or a program similar to it) should become active, the collective knowledge and experience which was placed into the Policies and Procedures for the program is readily available again for use or adaptation to the current needs.

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2002 Articles of Incorporation
1983 Original Charter