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Many people who play at the club are at times moved to express a comment of appreciation or congratulations to the volunteers who run the events. We thought it would be nice to share these with our members and with those who are considering playing at the club. To facilitate this we asked them to "put them to paper" and send them to us for posting.
The testimonials on this page are written by members of the club. Only minor spelling, grammatical or punctuation changes are made before posting to this page.


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   2006-05-17 From: A. E. Years of rated chess:  1 Years of play at the MCC: 1
     "From a middle-aged novice. I should have done this sooner!  As an adult beginner I was serious about learning to play chess, but afraid to play in a tournament because I did not want to be embarrassed by losing in the first few moves. I was wrong. There is actually a wide range of abilities at the MCC and not everyone is an expert.  I did not understand how the pairing system matches players of similar ability.  It turns out that there are enough other players at the low end of the ratings that I can play respectable games and even win a few. This is clearly a good way to learn chess because tournament conditions make you concentrate and you get feedback every week."