June 2003
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From the Editor

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Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
MetroWest Chess Club

Process for Pre-Registration at the Club to be tried

We are always looking for ways in which we can improve the chess experience at the club.  While we recently made an improvement in the ability to process players registering for round 1, we've come up with another idea that may allows us to further improve our ability to start the first round on time.  Any time we have one of these ideas it must generally meet three basic criteria.  First, it must not be a significant amount of additional effort added to the too few who volunteer their time.  Second it must not be a process that is easily broken or has high interdependencies.  Third, it must not take away resources from other programs or activites.

To reduce the number of people in line for registration for Round 1 of our events, the club will accept advance registrations under the following conditions:

  • Must be Round 3 or greater
  • Players must pay at the club with cash, check, or credit on record.  Payment can not be made later.

We require payment at the time of pre-registering because it eliminates you trying to pay at round 1, which would put you back in line, or our doing additional paper work and the leg work to try and collect from you in later rounds.  In addition, there could be confusion created because in later rounds we're trying to take pre-registration for the next month.

Masters or player who's fees would be waved for the entry are considered committed to attend under the normal rules of cancellation and otherwise subject to forfeit penalties.

If you are not planning to play in round 1 of a new event, it is better all around if you do not pre-register.  Simply show up in time to register on the night you plan to jump in.

If our new process is successful and we continue this practice, you the club player benefit in the following ways:

  1. No need to rush to the club to register or stand in line waiting on the first night of play.  This means you could show up late or have more time to check out the book vendor, get more speed chess in or miss less of the Weekly Group Lesson.
  2. The reduced number of people to process will improve our ability to start on time.
  3. You will be able to see how the next event is shaping up in terms of who's playing.

So, if you plan on playing in round 1 of the July event, bring cash or check with you to register before the round starts Tuesday night.


MCC July event shortened to 4 rounds

Please remember that the July event will only be 4 rounds and not 5 as had been posted for the past several months.  The event was shortened so that we could hold our 20th Anniversary celebration.  Please see the June Newsletter on the website for details.

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