July 2003
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From the Editor

Big items that can't wait till next month's newsletter --.

  • 20th Anniversary Celebration - July 29 (Tuesday)
  • July tournament is 4 rounds
  • Chess School -- Rook endings
  • Pre-register for August... in July
  • BONUS item, MCC hits new milestone!

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Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
MetroWest Chess Club

20th Anniversary - Tuesday July 29

MCC members, please join us and celebrate our 20th Anniversary, on Tuesday July 29. You can purchase dinner if you wish, else bring your own.

PAST CHESS - Members will share past experiences, including simuls with Tal and Spassky!
BIG CHESS - Sign up for a simul with FM Igor Foygel
MORE CHESS - Sign up for speed chess with other MCC members

MCC members can bring their Significant Other (spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc) to share in this big event for us all!  You can tell your Significant Other that Kappy's spouse, and Harvey's spouse will be there. If you are buying dinner, make sure to buy for two... 

For more info, please read our FLYER and feel free to ask me further questions.

Mary L Murphy.

July Monthly Tournament shortened to 4 rounds

Please remember that the July event is only 4 rounds and not 5 as had been previously posted.  The event was shortened to accommodate the 20th Anniversary celebration.  Please see the July Newsletter on the website for details.  For further questions, please ask 

James Krycka.

July Chess School - ROOK ENDINGS - Thursday July 18

ROOK ENDINGS start Thursday July 18, 2003 with a lecture by NM Lou Mercuri.

Need we say more?  Don't miss out on the highlight of the course. For further questions, please ask 

Howard Goldowski.

Pre-Registration for August Monthly Tournament - starts Tuesday July 15 (Round 3)

In our continuing effort to start round 1 on time, and make it more convenient for MCC members to register and pay, the Club is continuing a pre-registration option. Here is how it works:

  • STEP 1 -- Starting on Round 3 and higher of a current month, you may pre-register and pay for the next month's tournament. You must pay the entry fee at the time of pre-registration.
  • STEP 2 -- Relax...
  • STEP 3 -- Remember! You are now signed up, and are expected to play on Round 1 of next month. If you can't make it, you must still call-in for a BYE as usual. For more info on BYEs, see our Bye and Pairing FAQ.

Imagine, no more waiting in long lines. Now you have more time to spend in the Weekly Group Lesson, play skittles, or chat with your chess friends.

If you wish to pre-register for August, you can do so starting on Round 3 of July which is Tuesday July 15. The entry for August is $15 for MCC members, $20 for all others.  For further questions, please ask 

James Krycka.

BONUS ITEM -- MCC continues to grow, hits new milestone

MCC continues to grow!  This is a major reason why we continue to improve our customer service, such as adding a pre-registration option for the Monthly Tournaments. While the Club has been the largest in New England for a while, we have now hit new highs:

  • 125   MCC Members
  • 201   Players in the last 12 Monthly Tournaments 
  • 81     Ave registered players for Monthly Tournaments in 2003 (84 in July, 90 in June, see Archive for more)

You can see for yourself by viewing the Who is Playing? and How many Play? links from the homepage under "People".  For further questions, please ask 

Mark Kaprielian.

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