November 2003



From the Editor

The month of November is homecoming month. The Stan Crowe is here!  If you haven't been in a tournament in a while, this is a great month to play in. If you've been here regularly, this is a month you don't want to miss!

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Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
MetroWest Chess Club


Calendar Updated – 2003 is finally posted. 2004 is in review by the Board and Senior Center.

Update on Anti-SPAM  – this is a must read.

Beyond the Club – MetroWest CC members publish nationally and internationally!

Member Survey – We are conducting a member survey for general feedback and future direction of the Chess School

Looking for donations - old laptops, chess software

Club Feature of the Month - Library!

Club Championship is back! -- Find out how to qualify

Class Championship is new!



North East Chess

I thank all MetroWest Chess Club members for their strong attendance at the last North East Chess Summer Getaway, and the one-day tournaments.

Nov. 21-23, 2003 NorthEast Chess Fall Getaway. Taking entries now. Also please register for your hotel room as soon as possible. You can always cancel your hotel room if you cannot make it. You will not be charged for your hotel room as long as you cancel before 4pm the day of arrival.

Severine Wamala



    There is now an annual calendar for all Club activities, available on the web. From the homepage look on the left under "Community", and "Club". The 2003 calendar is there, and the 2004 calendar is in review with the Board and the Senior Center. When the 2004 calendar is approved, it will be posted here.

Harvey Reed

Member Survey

    The survey is created, and will be sent out via separate email. There will be a limited number of paper surveys available at the Club during the month of November.

Harvey Reed


    The Club is now accepting donations of Windows-based laptop computers, as well as old copies of Fritz and Chessbase. Remember, we are a 503(c)7 organization, so your donation is not tax deductible.

See Mark.

Mark Kaprielian

Board Activity


No Board activity in November. At the Board meeting in October, several important motions were passed, including reinstating the Club Championship. The minutes of the meeting can be found at:

Home -> Community -> Club -> About the Club -> Governed -> Minutes -> 2003-10-09

To learn more about our governance, click here.

Mark Kaprielian, President

Anti-SPAM update

    Update and good news!

We do not SPAM you

First of all, we make sure that we do not SPAM you with too much email. For over a year now, we have consolidated all of our online communication into two channels:

  • Website - You browse it when you want. Personal email addresses are NOT posted. This eliminates any possibility of you getting SPAM, ever.
  • Newsletter - We publish via email once a month to "news". The "news" list is now only accessible by Webmaster, so this is an absolute barrier to SPAM. The newsletter is also archived on the website, if you wish to read it there.

We do get SPAMmed on internal lists, but never to our personal email address

We need to publish our internal lists to the public, so people can send email to "info@...", but SPAMmers got a hold of our internal email list addresses and send SPAM to that, which in turn, hidden from SPAMers, gets forwarded to volunteers. Very annoying. The internal lists are: info@, games@, etc.

How SPAM works

It used to be that you would get SPAM after you register for a free service, and they sold your email address. That is bad enough, but now, SPAMers find email addresses that are posted on web pages, like our own. As a matter of fact, they have armies of web "spiders" (programs) that automatically crawl all websites 24 hours a day looking for new email addresses. The reason for this, is that using a "spider" to snoop email addresses is practically free, and after they get a big list of email addresses (millions), all they need is one person in 10,000 to respond in order to be profitable. This is true, we're not making this up. The fun multiplies when these huge lists get sold and traded... so...

Anti-SPAM Solution!

Step One: We did this last month. We removed as many internal email list addresses as we could find to try to slow down the problem. The problem is still here, but this did buy us time to work on step two...

Step Two: Club member Trevor De Koekkoek created a form-based web page that we will make available on the website for people to contact us internally. We do not have to post our internal email list address anymore. Spiders cannot break it. We are currently testing the web page. Thank you Trevor!

Step Three: As soon as the form-based web page passes all tests, and we make it user friendly, we will immediately put it into use, and replace every internal list that we have. We will not post the new internal email list addresses to the web. Presto! No more SPAM! Ever! 

What does this mean to the average Club member?

This means two things.

First, you can volunteer at the Club, and have confidence that you will not get extra SPAM. Sorry, we can't reduce the SPAM you already get...

Second, in order to initially contact our internal email lists (like info, games, etc), you will have to use the form-based web page to send an initial email. When you get a reply from a volunteer, you will see the real internal email address, and you can save it and use it just like you do now. If for some reason, the email address is compromised (somebody leaks it to a SPAMmer) we can immediately replace that email address with another. When we replace it, and your email bounces, simply go to the form-based web page again, and send an initial email again...

But why can't a SPAM "spider" use the form-based web page like us?

Ah... Trevor, being the clever developer added a "fuzzy" graphic image with a random security word that humans can easily see, and you have to type in, but a "spider" can't easily see. Thus the "spider" can't successfully complete the form. This is the same sophisticated technology that PayPal and other high security e-commerce sites use.

Like we said, we take the SPAM issue seriously. We are committed to provide a fun and safe environment for all members and volunteers.

Harvey Reed, Marketing Director & Mark Kaprielian, WebMaster




    We have a lot of news! First I am taking over from Plamen Krastev as Program Director. I was appointed to this position at the last Board meeting. Second, Stephen Eddins is joining me as the chess database person behind the scenes. He will work with Harvey to continue to publish the game collections to the web.

We are considering making it possible to play through the games directly from the web with a simple browser, and we have started discussions with Game Adivice (Derek) to pick a game per month to highlight somehow.

We should have a web update published before the December newsletter, and I can tell you about it then.

Eric Sonnenstuhl


    Recent Club activity:
  • Trevor De Koekkoek programmed our anti-SPAM form-based web page that is currently in testing phase
  • Eric Sonnenstuhl is appointed Program Director for Game Collections
  • Ray Salemi is appointed as a Director on the Board of Directors. Further, he is creating and filling the role of Tournament Host and is now the official greeter for new people. He is considering development of a mentoring program that will leverage the Game Advice program with Derek.
  • Robert Powell is finishing prior commitments, and will hopefully be freed up soon to help further develop the web site

We are looking for a volunteer who is PC savvy and can help us maintain our URL link collection. It is very useful and one of the best in the country. Contact Mark.

To see who the MCC Volunteers are, click here.

 Mark Kaprielian 

Beyond the Club

    MetroWest CC members contribute to the larger chess community. Here are some examples. If you hear of other examples, let us know!

Larry Eldridge recently published "Forty Years at the Top" in the Skittles Room of Chess Cafe. This is a historical retrospective of Club member John Curdo. His article can be viewed in PDF at:

John Curdo won the Massachusetts State Champion 17 times between 1948 to 1985. In 1994 he won his 500th tournament, I hear he has over 600 now, and he still sits on the top boards in the Club. Four US Senior victories, and many other victories later, John is publishing three electronic books through Chess Cafe:

Howard Goldowsky will have a lengthy interview with Paul Hoffman posted to the Skittles Room at on Wednesday November 5th. Paul Hoffman is a science writer, a former science and technology correspondant for TV, a former editor of Discover magazine and Scientific American, and has recently begun writing about chess for magazines like the New Yorker and Smithsonian. He will be joining Yasser Seirawan as a TV commentator for ESPN's coverage of the upcoming Kasparov-Fritz3D match in NYC. The interview is a sort of preview for the match. We currently have no URL to point to the article.

Howard Goldowsky also has a past interview with Mig on Chess Cafe (Oct 19, 2002) at:

 Harvey Reed 

Official Merchandise

    The Club now offers high-quality official logo MetroWest Chess Club clothing through a partnership with LL Bean. Currently we offer caps, t-shirts, and polo shirts. Multiple styles, sizes and colors are available. All logos are embroidered, and built to last.
To view the merchandise, go to our home page and follow the link "Official Merchandise" on the left, or click here. Everything can be ordered online, securely, via Pay Pal, or with a paper form available at the Club. In addition, we try to carry a few samples for display in the playing room. Samples are brand new, never been worn, and are available for purchase also.
These high-quality clothing items are great for Tuesday night games, as well as sporting around weekend tournaments. Be fashionable, and show people where you play chess, all at the same time!

 Mark Kaprielian 

Books and Equipment


I will be at the club on Round 1 Tuesday November 4 with new goodies. I will have new Everyman and Gambit books. I have the 2004 Woman's Olympiad Calendars and Donna Alarie's new kids calendar. I will have the new USCF Rulebook. I will also have a special selection of autographed books for sale.

I can accept PayPal at my email address.  

Please email me at StateLineChess at  for more info. 


Randi Macuit, Stateline Chess



Monthly Tournaments


Special Note:

Due to increased attendance, MetroWest CC will offer 4 sections for all 4-round tournaments; for the time being, 5-round events will continue to have 3 sections.  The prize structure has been revised to increase the prize money for each section with prizes awarded for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements in each section.

The MetroWest CC Club Championship is back! Read the article below to find out more.


MCC Stanley Crowe Memorial

When November 4, 11, 18, 25, December 2, 2003
Format 5-SS, 40/90, SD/30
Prizes $ 1600, 100% G
Open: $ 400 – 250 – 150
U1750: $ 250 – 150 – 100
U1450: $ 150 – 100 – 50
Entry Fee
(all sections)
Masters > 2200 Free
MCC Members $ 20
Others $ 25



October 2003 standings.  Congratulations to the winners of the Halloween Swiss:

Open Alexander Ivanov and John Chamberlain

NOTE: John Chamberlain's victory over Igor Foygel in the last round puts him into a tie for first place with GM Ivanov in this tournament, and puts him in the running for the Club Championship. Congratulations!

U1850 Ames Abbot, James Sullivan, and Eric Berkey
U1550 Chris Berg-Jones
U1250 William Luff

October 2003 commentary  

More good commentary from Larry. Many upsets to peruse, including these players with upsets over 200 points:

Round 5
Round 4
John Chamberlain
Joshua A Hanson
Justin P Grimes
Anirudh Arun
Gregory W Cermak
Round 3
Thomas J Martin
Andrew D Ossmann
Anabel Bacon
Thomas J Simon
Round 2
Gilbert Gosselin
Dylan M Weissman
Round 1
no upset > 200 points
Players with multiple upsets over 200 points:







Cross tables and Ratings

The September event cross table is posted and rated.

Game Scores

If you are in the Open section, please use the 'carbonless score sheets' that we provide, and turn in a copy of your game score when you are done with your game. If you have questions, send email to Games at for questions.

Important Rule Unrated players may not win more than $50 except in the Open section.
Equipment Please bring your own sets and clocks. We have a limited number available for use by those new to the game without their own equipment yet.

James Krycka

Club Championship / Class Championship


At the October meeting, the MetroWest CC Board of Directors voted to:

         Establish an annual Club Championship event.

         Establish an annual Class Championship event.

The annual Club Championship has been re-instated.  It will be held in the spring of each year as a closed 5-RR section run in parallel with the other sections.  The six participants will be the top six Club members on the championship points list (who accept the invitation).  Players earn points during the previous calendar year by placing 1st-2nd-3rd in the Open section, 1st-2nd in the Upper section, and 1st in the next highest section on a graduated scale based on the section level and number of rounds.  For example, for November 2003, there will be 140 points available in the Open seciton, 45 in the Upper section, and 10 in the next section for the top placements.  In addition, players have to be Club members and need to play in at least 4 events during the year in order to have their championship points count towards qualification.

To jump start the qualification process for 2003, championship points will be awarded for performance in the Jan-Dec events for 2003.  For this year only, anyone who is a member at the end of the year will be considered a member for all of 2003 for the purpose of earning qualification points.

The leaders in the championship point standings using Jan-Oct 2003 results are:


Igor Foygel




Charles Riordan




Edward Epp




Alexander Ivanov


(has not yet met 4-event minimum)


John Curdo




Chris Desmarais


(has not yet met 4-event minimum)


John Chamberlain




George Goulding




James Todhunter


(has not yet met 4-event minimum)


Eric Sonnenstuhl




Severine Wamala




Ames Abbot




Frederick Smith




Howard Goldowski




Patrick Sciacca


(has not yet met 4-event minimum)


Bill Stein



As you can see, the first three on the list will undoubtedly finish in the top six, but there is a lot of competition for the remaining three slots.  Ivanov and Desmarais are the wildcards:  both need to play in the last two tournaments of 2003 to meet the 4-event minimum requirement.  If they do, they may bump others from the top six qualifying spots.  Also, any Club member who does very well during November or December of this year may still be able to qualify!

In addition to the overall Club Champion, MetroWest CC will crown a Class Champion.  The Class Champion will be the highest placing club member rated U2000 in the Open section of the month in which the closed Club Championship is held.  For 2004, these Championship events will occur in March.  A class player who qualifies for the closed Club Championship has the option of playing in that event or in the Class Championship (the Open section that month).  Any U2000 club member can compete for the title of MetroWest CC Class Champion, that is, there is no qualification process for this event.

Good Luck!

For more info, contact me at Info at

James Krycka

Scholastic Tournaments


The Scholastic Tournament schedule for summer 2004 is proposed and in review phase. Watch this space for final date announcement.

If you are interested in volunteering for front-line or backup work, let me know!

For more info, contact me at Info at

John Bottini

Team Email Matches


MCC-2 games are almost done. I will update the game PGNs sometime in November.

You can view the MCC-2 live games by following the link from the pairing page (near top), or just click here. The games are the current position minus 3 moves, to discourage accidental analysis with the players.

James Krycka

Special Events

No special events scheduled.

Mark Kaprielian


Learn & Improve

Weekly Group Lessons


For the month of November, the traps continue!

Week 2: Traps in the Sicilian
Week 3: Traps in Queen Pawn Openings
Week 4: Traps in the Indian Defences
Week 5: Traps in flank openings

I hope to see you in class!

John Chamberlain

Chess School


Class ended Thursday October 16, 2003 .

You will be receiving a member survey to fill out. An important part of the survey are a few questions about the future direction of the Chess School. If you have an interest in Chess School, please complete the member survey.

I enjoyed facilitating the Chess School this year, it was very enjoyable, and I trust the Chess School will continue in some form.

Thank you!

Howard Goldowsky

Game Advice

    We will be re-vitalizing this program for Fall 2003, stay tuned.

Derek Slater



The several dozen books donated last month have been catalogued and are now available. Among them are the classics "My 60 Memorable Games" by Bobby Fischer and "The Oxford Companion to Chess." Check them out!

The MetroWest CC Library is the featured program for the month of November, so watch for information all month. As always, email the library (address below) or see Matt Phelps on Tuesday's for any questions or suggestions for the MetroWest CC Library.

If you have questions or comments, please email Library at or see me on Tuesday nights.

Matthew Phelps 

Compete & Improve

Monthly Tournaments



Team Email Matches

Special Events

Education Zones