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With the re-introduction of the Club Championships and a weighted point system for earning qualifying points, you will now find the most current standings listed each issue in the Monthly Tournaments section.

Comment & critique to     Info at MetroWestChess.org 


Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
MetroWest Chess Club



NorthEast Chess

Thank you to all the MetroWest Chess Club members who participated in the Winter Getaway.  The club won the Club prize by a wide margin of 25 points over their nearest competitors.

All the NorthEast Chess events have moved to a new location,
   The Radisson Hotel in Marlborough
   75 Felton St.
   Just of I-495  exit 24B;   978-480-0015

I am looking forward to seeing you at the new site on Sunday, Feb 8, 2004 for the one-day

Best wishes and truly your chess friend,

Severine Wamala


Member Survey

    The survey results are in. For the raw results CLICK HERE.

When the Board meets in February 2004, we will use the survey results to make policy decisions. As we make these decisions, they will be reported in the Board meeting minutes, and this newsletter, as appropriate.

We appreciate the members who took part in the survey. We had 41 respondents, which is 1/3rd of the membership. This is great for our first survey of this kind, and we look forward to even greater participation in the next annual survey!

Harvey Reed

Board Activity


The next meeting of the Board is Thursday, February 19, 2004 at 7:30pm at the club.   At this meeting we will be electing the Officers from the new Directorship.  All members are welcome to attend.

To learn more about our governance, click here.  From the Governance page you can locate the minutes from past Board meetings and the Agenda for the next meeting.

Mark Kaprielian, President




    Program of the Month

We are looking for volunteers to help transcribe games that we collect, as well as to follow-up with players if we need clarification or extra game scores to complete a set. Please contact us if you are interested.

To see the collections look for "collections : games" on the right hand side of the home page.

Eric Sonnenstuhl and Steve Eddins



To see who the MetroWest CC Volunteers are, click here.

 Mark Kaprielian 

Official Merchandise

    We have a number of items in stock for sale, T-shirts, Polo shirts and caps that can be purchased Tuesday. No need to place an order if you spot an item with the size and color you want. Display will be set up with the Book Vendor and he will collect your payment.
To view the complete line of merchandise, go to our home page and follow the link "Official Merchandise" on the left, or click here. Everything can be ordered online, securely, via Pay Pal, or with a paper form available at the Club.

 Mark Kaprielian 

Books and Equipment

I am planning on being at the club for Round 1, Feb 3.  There will be another book sale on certain books.  The books on sale will be from 25% to 50% off!

Please email me at StateLineChess at Hotmail.com  for info. 


Randi Macuit, Stateline Chess



Monthly Tournaments


MCC Leap Year Swiss

When February 3, 10, 17, 24 2004
Format 4-SS, 40/90, SD/30
Prizes $ 800, 100% G
Open: $  200 120 80
U1900: $  100 60 30
U1600: $  60 40 20
U1300 $  40 30 20
Championship Points Available Open (64-32-16), U1900 (24-12), U1600 (8)
plus 50% bonus for a perfect score of all wins
Entry Fee
(all sections)
Masters > 2200 Free
MCC Members $ 15
Others $ 20



Winter Warmer Swiss

Congratulations to the winners of the Winter Warmer Swiss!:

Open: IM Igor Foygel
U1850: Neil Cousin, Howard Goldowsky, William Michael
U1550: Seth Johnson
U1250: Matthew Perry

Winter Warmer Commentary

Players with upsets over 200 points:

Round 5
Round 4
Jeff Penta
Bennet Pellows
Round 3
Plamen Krastev
Round 2
Anbu Damordan
Robert Mathews
Anirudh Arun
Round 1
Jeff Penta
Sam Giler
Michael Oliveri
Players with multiple upsets over 200 points:

Jeff Penta





Cross tables and Ratings

The USCF rated December cross-table is posted.

Sections Due to increased attendance, MetroWest CC will offer 4 sections for all 4-round tournaments; for the time being, 5-round events will continue to have 3 sections.  The prize structure has been revised to increase the prize money for each section with prizes awarded for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements in each section.
Game Scores

If you are in the Open section, please use the 'carbonless score sheets' that we provide, and turn in a copy of your game score when you are done with your game. If you have questions, send email to Games at MetroWestChess.org for questions.

Important Rule Unrated players may not win more than $50 except in the Open section.
Equipment Please bring your own sets and clocks. We have a limited number available for use by those new to the game without their own equipment yet.

James Krycka

2004 Club Championships

  Two MCC club championship events will be held in March.

The MCC Closed Club Championship will be contested in a special Championship section using a 5-RR format.  Based on performance criteria in MCC events during 2003, the following six players have qualified for the 2004 MCC Club Championship:  GM Alexander Ivanov, IM Igor Foygel, NM Charles Riordan, Dr Edward Epp, FM John Curdo, and John Chamberlain.  A public drawing will be held during the February tournament to determine the seeding of the players which in turn will determine the pairings for all of the rounds and color assignments.

In addition, the title of MCC Class Champion will be awarded to the club member rated U2000 who places highest in the Open section of the March event.  The February 2004 ratings supplement will be used to determine a player’s eligibility for the class champion title.

For more info, contact me at Info at MetroWestChess.org

James Krycka

2005 Club Championship Qualification List

  The qualification cycle for the 2005 Club Championship has begun.  The current standings based only on the January event are a follows:
1 IM Igor Foygel 96
2 FM John Curdo 24
3 John Chamberlain 24
4 Neil Cousin 12
5 Howard Goldowsky 12
6 William Michael 12
7 Seth Johnson 12

The 2005 championship event will be held in March 2005 as a closed 5-RR section run in parallel with the other sections.  The six participants will be the top six club members on the championship points list (who accept the invitation).  Players earn points during the previous calendar year by placing 1st-2nd-3rd in the Open section, 1st-2nd in the Upper section, and 1st in the next highest section on a graduated scale based on the section level and number of rounds.  In addition, bonus points are awarded for a perfect score.  To qualify for the championship, players have to be club members and need to play in at least 4 events during the year.

James Krycka

Scholastic Tournaments


The Scholastic Tournament schedule for summer 2004 is set.  You can see the dates on our calendar page. If you are interested in volunteering for front-line or backup work, let me know!

For more info, contact me at Info at MetroWestChess.org

John Bottini

Team Email Matches


MCC-2 games are almost done. I will update the game PGNs sometime in the near future.

You can view the MCC-2 live games by following the link from the pairing page (near top), or just click here. The games are the current position minus 3 moves, to discourage accidental analysis with the players.

James Krycka

Special Events

No special events scheduled.

Mark Kaprielian


Learn & Improve

Weekly Group Lessons

    No lesson round 1, to make room for Stateline Chess book & equipment vendor.

John Chamberlain

Chess School


We will determine the Chess School schedule after reviewing the survey results.

Thank you!

Howard Goldowsky

Game Advice

    We will be re-vitalizing this program for Winter 2004, stay tuned.

Derek Slater



The MCC Library just got several chess related movies on DVD! Movies are available for two weeks at a time. Check them out!!

If you have questions or comments, please email Library at MetroWestChess.org or see me on Tuesday nights.

Matthew Phelps 

Compete & Improve

Monthly Tournaments



Team Email Matches

Special Events

Education Zones