Stateline Chess

Books & Equipment


Simultaneous Series


USCF-Rated G/5  Blitz Tournament June Edition



Alexander Ivanov


Sunday, June 27, 2004

Lecture starts at 12:30PM

 Simul starts at 1:30PM

Blitz starts at 4:00PM

Trainside Gallery, 62 Wingate St, Haverhill, MA 01832


Simul Prizes 

Win = $30 in books

Draw = $10 in book


Blitz Prizes

50% of entries given back as prizes


Registration starts at 12:15PM

 $20 for simul/lecture or $3 for lecture

$15 for the blitz

Advance entries

$5 discount for simul & $5 discount for blitz 

Send checks to P.O. Box 453 Epping N.H. 03042

Make checks out to Randi Malcuit

Send PayPal payments to e-mail address

For more info Call (603) 679-8164 or e-mail

Bring your own equipment