Online Newsletter History

  The club has maintained a club Email News List since the web site first went up in July of 1997.  Generally, an announcement went out to the list from someone on the MCC Board reminding them of the next event and informing them of any other news that might be relevant to them as an MCC player or area Chess player.
  It was perceived as desirable to decrease the number of messages going out but increase the quality of what was sent.  To this end, a newsletter that was sent via email but could be referred back to  when desired by visiting the web site was contemplated.
  In 2001 it was thought that the majority of people would have sufficiently modern enough browsers that there would be few who could not read HTML in their email.  Some announcements formatted as HTML pages were sent out to gage the reaction.  There were less than 3 complaints or negative comments over a period of a few months so it was decided that this approach would be feasible.
  In 2002 the first incarnation of a newsletter was initiated by board member Harvey Reed.  Harvey with assistance from then President Mark Kaprielian created a format and pursued and edited content for the first several issues.
  At the same time that the newsletter was being started, the board was completing a reorganization of the Club structure with it culminating in a new incorporation of the Club.  Also, during the course of 2002 the Club saw another significant increase in its attendance as well as the interest in its members to in some way volunteer to help the Club.  With Harvey 2nd term as President of Maca coming to a close in May of 2003, he decided to undertake the responsibilities of one of the several new Program director spots, that of Marketing director.  One of his first efforts was to get a small budget approved for professional web design services to assist in the redesign of the web site and logo.
  The 2003-04 issue was the first to feature the design elements of the new website into the newsletter.

The 2004-09 issue moves to WORD and is published as PDF and HTML. It features better formatting, more pictures, no links to get stale, and no email addresses for SPAMers to harvest. Please download Adobe Acrobat Reader to use the PDF files. See the link below:


In 2004-10 section results are now on their own page to serve as an award certificate.


Harvey Reed

Kate Gasser