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     I was 5 when I first learn the moves from my father. My father being a big influence on my chess, organized the local chess club for years in Brunswick, Maine. I really wanted to play in the local club but my father used reverse psychology and said I wouldn't like it and probably get bored. He handed me a book when I was in 4th grade titled " How to play the Chess openings". I learned the Ruy Lopez and begged to go to the club. Again he used reverse Psychology, "You're not quite ready." For the next couple years I played him on a regular basis. One day, with the Red Sox playing in the background on the television… I drew a game with him. He started to take me to the club at that point.
In 1979 I scored enough points at the Maine State Championship to earn the "top student" in the state. I started a high-school team and played through into my early twenties. I even tied for third place in the Maine Open in 1989. Then, life happened, kids were born, marriage, career, and all those things taking priority over the chess board.
Fast forward and in 1995 I moved to Massachusetts via Digital Equipment Corp. I briefly started to get hooked back into the chess scene in the Worcester area but a divorce and life events stopped that activity until recently in 2003, being remarried and kids interested in chess… I sought the MetroWest CC and started playing on a regular basis. I am trying to bring my rating back up to pre-1990 status in the 1600s but find it harder than ever with the talent in the area. It's all good.

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