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Club Members and Photos at the club

Link Active Players,  All Players, In Memoriam
Link Photos from around the club

Regional and special events

Link Simuls the club has hosted:  Curdo, Spassky, Polar, Tal, Reshevsky, Johnson, Foygel, Christiansen
  Link Events - various events held through the years and other club photos

Story for the Hori vs. Kasparov photos - An Evening with Garry Kasparov

    Scanned Articles - Various Articles and story's published about the club
  Link Regional Events:  Continental Open, Eastern Class, MACA events, World Open ....
  Link Former long time MACA photographer Tony Cortizas has made more than
1,300 plus photos of New England chess players at events between 2000 - 2014 available for public display.
Tony says any help with missing names is welcome (tag the people you can identify)

Club Facilities

1997 The Kennedy Senior Center before the new building of 2012

Special Collections

PDF 2009-03 Class Championship Table Name plates
PDF 2009-03 Club  Championship Table Name plates
Link Instructions for printing the Table Name plates
Link Vendors
Link Vendors sized for the Newsletter

Award Pin Drafts

PDF Draft of Award Pin, 20, 30, 40, ...150 Events
PDF Awards by 10 point groupings

Key Chain Drafts

Link Drafts of the Key Chain and quote artwork
Link www.lapelpinsrus.com
Link www.QualityLapelPins.com

Site Search

Link Site Search - Current Candidate Location Photos
  PDF Site Search - Current Candidate Location Floor Plans