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John Curdo, 1983 Simul
This page lists MetroWest Chess Club topics and subjects of general chess interest which may not fit neatly into our FAQs, History or Knowledge pages. So, if there's something you can't find elsewhere on the site, you may find it here!

USCF Rules
The USCF provides the most common sections of the Rulebook on their site.  The USCF site often changes locations of documents and may be unavailable when needed.  For this reason we are placing a copy on our site for quickly locating the rules when needed.  We will periodically update our copy to match the most current on the USCF site. Digital Chess Clocks
For the inexperienced, setting up a chess clock the first few times can be a bit tricky. However, we now have a variety of documents to assist you in setting up the MCC time controls for the most common chess clocks. Chess Clubs, Scholastics and Organizers
Besides MCC, a variety of other long-established chess clubs can be found throughout the state, and many excellent scholastic chess resources also exist. Also listed are event organizers, which may be helpful in locating local tournaments. MCC Volunteers
Our club volunteers are integral to ensuring the club's smooth-running - there's a lot of work to do! Information about many of our current volunteers can be found here: