August 2003



From the Editor

August is another quiet month, enjoy some good chess in the last month of summer :-)

Comment & critique at  info at metrowestchess.org.


Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
MetroWest Chess Club


MCC 20th Anniversary - The celebration was great, read about it in the Boston Globe!

North East Chess - Big Summer Getaway!

Monthly Tournament - MCC Late Summer Swiss




North East Chess


The North East Chess Summer Getaway is here in August! -FLYER

August, 15-17 5-SS 40/2, SD/1 Summer Getaway
$$ 16,300 b/290 with $2,000 awarded as club prizes

Hotel rooms $55 (1-4 ), VERY NICE ROOMS, Mention Chess Getaway. Reserve Hotel by 8/1/2003. CALL 978-452-1200

[Make sure to register under "MetroWest CC" Ed.]

Severine Wamala


20th Anniversary Party

    The celebration was fantastic! You can read about it in the Sunday August 3, 2003 Boston Globe West starting at the front page. You can read the article online at: http://www.boston.com/dailyglobe2/215/west/Local_chess_club_marks_birthday_in_kingly_fashion+.shtml

FM Igor Foygel played 22 people. He lost 0 games, and drew 2, the rest were wins. Scott McLaughlin and Severine Wamala held our resident Master to a draw. Scott and Severine each received a prize of "Still More Chess Caviar" from our original resident Master, SM John Curdo.

The results of the "Best Games" contest are:

  • Best Opening: Jeff Penta; runner up: Henry Forber-Pratt
  • Best Middlegame: Matthew Phelps; runner up: William Stein
  • Best Endgame: Mary Murphy and Anthony Payne; and also posthumously dedicated to Lomer Cormier

We will also have pictures online soon, stay tuned...

Mary Murphy

Board Activity

    Next Board meeting is Thursday August 14. Agenda will be posted soon. The Board meeting is open to all members, please contact me for more info. 

To learn more about our governance, click here.

Mark Kaprielian, President




    No updates. Taking it easy in the summer :-)

Plamen Krastev


    To see who the MCC Volunteers are, click here.

 Mark Kaprielian 


    I will be at the club during Round 1 of the August Monthly Tournament.

Please email me at statelinechess at hotmail.com if you need me to bring a particular book or piece of equipment.  


Randi Macuit, Stateline Chess



Monthly Tournaments


MCC Late Summer Swiss


August 5, 12, 19, 26 2003

Format 4-SS 40/90, SD/30
Prizes $610, 100% G
Sections Open      
$ 200 - 100 - 50
$ 80 - 50 - 30
$ 50 - 30 - 20 
Entry Fee all sections: 
Masters > 2200  Free;
MCC Members  $ 15
Others  $ 20


Results July 2003 standings.  Congratulations to the winners of the July Swiss:

Open - Igor Foygel
U1700 - Eric J. Sonnenstuhl (see commentary below)
U1400. - Jenshiang Hong

Commentary July 2003 commentary  Read the amazing story of Sonnenstuhl!

If you haven't read the commentary for a while, please give it a try. Larry does a great job of capturing the buzz and tense excitement for each round.

Crosstables and Ratings The June event has been rated and the crosstable is posted.


The official USCF August Rating Supplement has just come out and will be used for the Club's August and September events as per the USCF rules. 

The MCC June and July events are not reflected in your new official rating. The USCF rated the club's June event very late and the and ratings were "locked down" early in July so that the printed copy could be produced and distributed by August 1st. 

You may notice some odd looking sequence of rating changes on the USCF site due to the timing of events at the USCF.



Game Scores If you are in the Open section, please use the 'carbonless score sheets' that we provide, and turn in a copy of your game score when you are done with your game. Ask Plamen Krastev at games at metrowestchess.org for questions.

Unrated players may not win more than $50 except in the Open section

Equipment Please bring your own sets and clocks. We have a limited number available for use by those new to the game without their own equipment yet.

James Krycka

Scholastic Tournaments


The MCC Summer Scholastic Chess Program has completed tournaments #1 and #2. Tournament #3 starts in Aug for the dates of: August 7, 14, 21 on Thursdays.

To see the the Scholastic Tournaments program: http://www.metrowestchess.org/Compete/Scholastics/Top_Scholastics.htm

For more info, contact me at info at metrowestchess.org

John Bottini

Team Email Matches


You can view the MCC-2 live games by following the link from the pairing page (near top), or just click here. The games are the current position minus 3 moves, to discourage accidental analysis with the players.

James Krycka

Special Events

No special events scheduled.

Mark Kaprielian


Learn & Improve

Weekly Group Lessons


We will hold the Round 1 Weekly Group Lesson in the same room as the bookseller. So, for Round 1 we will have the lights on, and we will improvise a little on the room setup. 

I look forward to seeing everyone!

John Chamberlain

Chess School


ROOK ENDINGS continue Thursday August 21, 2003 .

Don't miss out on the highlight of the course. 

Howard Goldowsky

Game Advice

    We will be re-vitalizing this program for Fall 2003, stay tuned.

Derek Slater



The MCC Library now has it's own glass door bookcase so members can see more of the books easily. We are still in transition period, but it looks great already, go check it out!

 If you have questions or comments, please email Library at MetroWestChess.org or see me on Tuesday nights.

Matthew Phelps