September 2003



From the Editor

Fall is soon upon us. Time for school, tons of high-tech marketing buzz, and of course more chess at MetroWest Chess Club  

Comment & critique at  info at metrowestchess.org.


Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
MetroWest Chess Club


Summer Scholastics - Most successful summer yet! Commentary by John Bottini

Weekly Group Lesson - September is famous tactics!  Served up by John Chamberlain

Member Survey - We will be conducting a member survey in October for the Chess School




North East Chess


I thank all MetroWest Chess Club members for their strong attendance at the last North East Chess Summer Getaway. 24 players registered as MetroWest Chess Club members helping MetroWest reclaim their crown, reversing defeats to Boylston in the last Winter and Spring Getaways, 

MetroWest Chess Club gained 52.5 points to defeat Boylston Chess Club, who trailed in second place with 32 points.

The next North East Chess is G/5, G/55 or G/90 on September 13

Severine Wamala


Member Survey

    We will conduct a member survey in October. Be on the lookout for it.  The purpose of the survey is to understand membership needs for the next set of classes in the Chess School.

Harvey Reed

20th Anniversary Party

    The anniversary newspaper articles, pictures and Best Games are posted. To find them, click on "History" from the homepage, and the Anniversary is one of the first links. The pictures are great, the articles excellent, and the Best Games are fun! Many thanks toMary L Murphy for organizing the dinner and simul,  John Chamberlain for organizing the Best Games Contest, and A. P. Cortizas Jr. for beautiful pictures!

Harvey Reed

Board Activity

    The Board meeting is postponed until October. More details during September. 

To learn more about our governance, click here.

Mark Kaprielian, President




    No updates. Still taking it easy in the summer.

Plamen Krastev


    To see who the MCC Volunteers are, click here.

 Mark Kaprielian 


    I will be at the club Round 1, with the new issue of the Squares magazine.

Prior to this, I will be selling at the New England Open and possibly the New York Championship also on Labor Day weekend. I may not be home in time to respond to your requests for Round 1 service. I apologize in advance!

Also note, I can now accept PayPal at my email address.

Please email me at statelinechess at hotmail.com for more info..  


Randi Macuit, Stateline Chess



Monthly Tournaments


MCC Fall Swiss


September  2, 9, 16, 23, 30 2003

Format 5-SS 40/90, SD/30
Prizes $610, 100% G
Sections Open      
$ 200 - 100 - 50
$ 80 - 50 - 30
$ 50 - 30 - 20 
Entry Fee all sections: 
Masters > 2200  Free;
MCC Members  $ 20
Others  $ 25


Results August 2003 standings.  Congratulations to the winners of the August Swiss:

Open - Igor Foygel and Charles Riordan
U1800 - Severine Wamala and George Goulding
U1450. - Alan D Schaefer and James Klinkenberg

Commentary August 2003 commentary  

More good commentary from Larry. Many upsets to peruse, including these victors with upsets over 200 points:

Round 4
Andrew Taylor
Larry Zhu

Round 3
Eric Sonnenstuhl
Larry Eldridge
John Bottini
Michael Kaye
Mary L Murphy

Round 2
Eric Sonnenstuhl
Geoff Polizoti
Joshua Hanson

Round 1
Nik Konovalchuk
Joey Kagan
Andrew Taylor
Anirudh Arun (672 point upset!)

Crosstables and Ratings The July event crosstable is posted..


Game Scores If you are in the Open section, please use the 'carbonless score sheets' that we provide, and turn in a copy of your game score when you are done with your game. Ask Plamen Krastev at games at metrowestchess.org for questions.

Unrated players may not win more than $50 except in the Open section

Equipment Please bring your own sets and clocks. We have a limited number available for use by those new to the game without their own equipment yet.

James Krycka

Scholastic Tournaments


Final scholastic standings

The fourth annual MetroWest Chess Club Summer Scholastic Program ended on August 21 after nine Thursday nights of play through the summer. A total of 51 players played in at least one of the three tournaments that were held, with most players playing in two or all three. It is clear from the feedback we received that the event continues to be highly thought of by the parents as well as by the players.

Each tournament ran with three sections: Open, Under 900 and Under 500 (Under 600 in the third tournament). This set-up resulted in reasonably balanced sections with competitive pairings. All three tournaments were six rounds, with two rounds played each night. The time control was G30. First round pairings would generally go up around 7:35-7:40, and most players were on their way home by 9:15 or earlier.

Cumulative Performances

While trophies were awarded for first and second place finishes in each of the three tournaments, other prizes were awarded based on attendance and cumulative scores compiled over the nine weeks. Out of the 51 players, 47 played on three or more evenings earning each a medal for his or her participation. 34 players had cumulative scores over the nine weeks of 4.0 or higher, winning new or extended MACA membership. Most of the 12 players who were new to organized chess won this prize, and I expect many of them to take advantage of their award by playing in various MACA events this year. Ten players compiled nine or more points, and these performances were good enough to win MetroWest Chess Club hats and T-shirts from L.L. Bean. I hope the winners will wear these items with pride at their next tournament!

Finally, two players won our $50 grand prize for racking up 14 or more points (out of a possible 18). Stasik Popov's total of 14.5 points is especially impressive, given that they were all earned in the Open section. Stasik hit the magic (arbitrary?) 14 point total with his final-round win over Larry Zhu, taking advantage of the new life he was given when Larry missed a mate-in-two. Daniel Rubenstein compiled 15 points in 16 games, also qualifying for the prize. I suspect Daniel would have performed very well in the Open section had he played there all summer, providing another foil for Stasik. As it is, he won three of his four games in the Open. His only loss in sixteen games was to Jack Rice. Because Daniel could not be present for the final week, he and Stasik never played each other.

In Closing

I wish to extend my thanks to the many parents who got their kids to the program on time Thursday after Thursday, and who otherwise encouraged or supported their efforts. Finally, I especially want to recognize and thank Steve Eddins for his gracious and invaluable assistance with all three tournaments.

We are pleased with how the MetroWest Chess Club Summer Scholastic program has evolved over the past four summers. The positive feedback from the parents and the enthusiasm of the players tells us we must be doing something right. We've structured a program that is welcoming and not intimidating to new players, as well as attractive and competitive to scholastic players who have a few years of experience. I look forward to seeing many of this year's players at our fifth Summer Scholastic Program next year.

For more info, contact me at info at metrowestchess.org

John Bottini

Team Email Matches


You can view the MCC-2 live games by following the link from the pairing page (near top), or just click here. The games are the current position minus 3 moves, to discourage accidental analysis with the players.

James Krycka

Special Events

No special events scheduled.

Mark Kaprielian


Learn & Improve

Weekly Group Lessons


Tactical Motifs

Do you know Boden's mate? How about Blackburne's mate? In September the Weekly Group Lesson will feature the important mates and other tactical ideas you need to know to succeed.

I look forward to seeing everyone!

John Chamberlain

Chess School


ROOK ENDINGS continue Thursday September 18, 2003 .

Last week at the Chess School we had some very interesting and educational discussion. The endgame we focused on was the one where white and black both have three pawns on the K-side, and white has an extra passed a-pawn or b-pawn. We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of having the white rook in front, to the side, and behind the passed pawn, in this particular endgame. We also had a team game at the end fighting out this typical position.

Next month Lou Mercuri will be by to lecture one last time, and in October, our last month, we will be playing team games during class to practice and incorporate all that we have learned over the past year.

Also, make a note that we will be conducting a member survey in October about future courses in the Chess School.

Howard Goldowsky

Game Advice

    We will be re-vitalizing this program for Fall 2003, stay tuned.

Derek Slater



The MCC Library is transitioning away from the index card based system of tracking book loans to a completely electronic one. For the time being, contact Matt Phelps (usually playing in the middle section) directly if you want to borrow or return a book or video.

If you have questions or comments, please email Library at MetroWestChess.org or see me on Tuesday nights.

Matthew Phelps