From the Editor

July is the month where we kick into summer mode with the July Independence Swiss. Also:

  • Its never too late to enter you junior chess player in the MetroWest CC Scholastic series
  • The MCC-03 v IECC-84 Team Email Match has started, games are in progress, and we have a display of all of the flags of the countries of our opponents

For the June wrap-up we have:

  • John Chamberlain takes clear first in the open section! This win propels him to third place in the 2005 Club Championship cycle!

Comment & critique to     Info at MetroWestChess.org 


Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
MetroWest Chess Club

Club & Partner Calendar

July 6

  • Round 1 of Summer Swiss
  • Stateline Chess Book & Equipment Vendor
  • Weekly Group Lesson, informal Q&A with personal help
July 13
  • Round 2 of Summer Swiss
  • Weekly Group Lesson -
July 18
  • NorthEast Chess, G/55, G/90, Marlboro Radisson
July 20
  • Round 3 of Summer Swiss
  • Weekly Group Lesson -
July 25
  • Stateline Chess Lecture/Simul/Blitz -> Manuel Aaron
July 27
  • Round 4 of Summer Swiss
  • Weekly Group Lesson -
August 13-15
  • NorthEast Chess, Summer Getaway, Marlboro Radisson
    -> very early registration 3-day by 6/12 is $89
    -> early registration 3-day by 8/03 is $99
    -> $120 cash only at site

Please Consider


we need volunteers for this Fall, please help if you can

  • Library - its all setup, it just needs a little attention each month, see Matt Phelps
  • Mentoring - Peter Karp and Derek Slater could use some help in newbie mentoring and promoting Game Advice. See Harvey Reed
  • See Harvey Reed or Mark Kaprielian for more info and other opportunities
Renew your USCF here
  • Renew with Mark Kaprielian, he will donate "USCF Member Appreciation" prize money to the Club. See Mark Kaprielian
Register early
  • Shorter lines
  • Better parking
  • --> and if the front lot is full, you can park behind the building (first left as you turn into the Senior Center)


NorthEast Chess -- Regional chess organizer

Please consider the one-day event on July 18. Also don't forget to sign-up early if you will be going to the Summer Getaway in August 13-15, early registrations are heavily discounted. Also there are discounted hotel rooms available.

See the Club and Partner calendar above!

I accept PayPal via my email address: swamala at hotmail.com.

Severine Wamala

Stateline Chess -- Book & equipment vendor

Hi All,

I will be away at the World Open from July 2 to July 6. I will be at the Club Round 1, Tuesday July 6. I now have the Hardcover Scorebooks that people at the club have been asking for. Also I will be selling at the Scholastic Tournament Thursday July 8.

Similar to last month, I have some magazines on sale Empire Chess $3 now $1, New In Chess $12 now $8, and Squares $10 now $8 or buy issues # 2, 3, and 4 (new) and get all 3 for $20. I will also have the following books by the great chess author C.J.S. Purdy on sale Fine Art of Annotation Vol 1 2nd Revised Edition $20 now $12, Fine Art of Annotation Vol 3 $20 now $12, and Extreme Chess World Championships 1935 1937 1972 $25 now $15. As far as new items go I have the DGT XL Clock batteries included for $85 and the DGT Electronic Chess Board (serial) for $400. If you purchase both at the same time then the price will be $450.

Stateline Chess Books & Equipment Simultaneous Series & Blitz Tournament July Edition   (this is a Stateline Chess event -- not a MetroWest CC event)

  • International Master & Chess Author; 9 Time Indian Chess Champion; Manuel Aaron
  • Sunday, July 25, 2004; Lecture starts at 12:00PM; Simul starts at 2:00PM; Blitz starts at 4:00PM
  • Trainside Gallery, 62 Wingate St, Haverhill, MA 01832

I accept PayPal via my email address: statelinechess at hotmail.com.

Randi Macuit

The Club

Board Activity


To learn more about our governance, click here.  From the Governance page you can locate the minutes from past Board meetings and the Agenda for the next meeting.

Mark Kaprielian, President


    We are actively seeking volunteers for the Library, Mentoring, and Chess School.

To see all the MetroWest CC Volunteers, click here.

 Mark Kaprielian 



The Knowledge page can be reached from the home page on the left, or just click here.

 Mark Kaprielian 

Official Merchandise

    We have a number of items in stock for sale, T-shirts, Polo shirts and caps that can be purchased Tuesday. No need to place an order if you spot an item with the size and color you want. Display will be set up with the Book Vendor and he will collect your payment.
To view the complete line of merchandise, go to our home page and follow the link "Official Merchandise" on the left, or click here. Everything can be ordered online, securely, via Pay Pal, or with a paper form available at the Club.

 Mark Kaprielian 



Monthly Tournaments & Championship




July Independence Swiss


July 6-13-20-27, 2004


4-SS, 40/90, SD/30


$ 800, 100% G


Open: $ 200-120-80

U1850: $ 100-60-30

U1550: $ 60-40-20

U1250 $ 40-30-20

Entry Fee
(all sections)

Masters (2200 and over) Free
MCC Members $ 15
Others $ 20

Championship Points Available

Open (64-32-16), U1850 (24-12), U1550 (8)
plus 50% bonus for perfect score of all wins

Previous  Tournament


Congratulations to the winners of the June Summer Swiss!

John Chamberlain (4.5/5)
Clear first

Matthew Phelps and Chris Berg-Jones (4.0/5)
Two-way tie


Harvey Reed, Michael Oliveri, and Trent Masiki (4.0/5)
Three-way tie

      (no pic for Trent)


Summer Swiss Commentary

Players with upsets over 200 points:

Round 5
John Chamberlain
Justin Grimes

Round 4
Travis Nilsson

Round 3
Nathan Ruthramoorthy
Anabel Bacon
Valerie Ruth Law

Round 2
James Taggert

Round 1
Edward Astrachan
Simon Slutsky
Justin Grimes
Gregory Rose
Jim Merullo
Trent Masiki

Players with multiple upsets over 200 points:
Justin Grimes

Cross tables and Ratings

The USCF rated April 2004 cross-table is posted. May is not rated yet.



Special Notes


Due to increased attendance, MetroWest CC will offer 4 sections for all 4-round tournaments; for the time being, 5-round events will continue to have 3 sections.  The prize structure has been revised to increase the prize money for each section with prizes awarded for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements in each section.

Game Scores

If you are in the Open section, please use the 'carbonless score sheets' that we provide, and turn in a copy of your game score when you are done with your game. If you have questions, send email to Games at MetroWestChess.org for questions.

Important Rule

Unrated players may not win more than $50 except in the Open section.


Please bring your own sets and clocks. We have a limited number available for use by those new to the game without their own equipment yet.


James Krycka

2005 Club Championship Qualification List


We’re now half way through the qualification cycle for the 2005 Club Championship. John Chamberlain’s clear first in the Open section for June has propelled him into third place. The current standings based on the first six months of play are as follows:


  IM Igor Foygel 



GM Alexander Ivanov 



John Chamberlain



Ilya Krasik



Robert Powell



FM John Curdo



Trevor de Koekkoek



NM Charles Riordan



Calvin Hori



Alexander Paphitis



Navan Ruthramoorthy



Matthew Phelps



Randy Brueckner



Walter Champion


The 2005 championship event will be held in March 2005 as a closed 5-RR section run in parallel with the other sections. The six participants will be the top six club members on the championship points list (who accept the invitation). Players earn points during the previous calendar year by placing 1st-2nd-3rd in the Open section, 1st-2nd in the Upper section, and 1st in the next highest section on a graduated scale based on the section level and number of rounds. In addition, bonus points are awarded for a perfect score. To qualify for the championship, players have to be club members and need to play in at least 4 events during the year.

James Krycka

Scholastic Tournaments

  It's never too late to enter!

The Scholastic Tournament schedule for summer 2004 is set, standings for the first six rounds are posted, and the web page is up and active.  If you are interested in volunteering for front-line or backup work, let me know!

For more info, contact me at Info at MetroWestChess.org

John Bottini

Team Email Matches

    The MCC-03 v IECC-84 Team Email Match has started. The match page is up (go to the Team Email Match page), and the first PGN of a game in progress has been posted:

[MCC] Krienke,J (1383) - [IECC] Harper,R (1289)

We will have a complete PGN update later in July. We post the PGN of the games in progress minus 3 full moves. This gives us the excitement of a live game in progress, without the ability to kibbitz about the current exact position.

We are playing opponents from around the world, here are the flags of the countries of our opponents. See how many you can correctly identify, hint: I put them in alphabetical order below :-)   We have the countries listed with the flags on the match page.




Eric Berkey

Special Events

No special events scheduled.

Mark Kaprielian


Learn & Improve

Weekly Group Lessons

    No formal lesson round 1, to make room for Stateline Chess book & equipment vendor.

Topic: not determined yet

Week 1: Casual Q&A and personal help

Week 2:
Week 3:
Week 4:
Week 5: n/a

John Chamberlain

Chess School


This lecture was a kick-off to the 2004 Chess School. We will have an Openings Course this Fall 2004. We are working out the schedule, details to follow.

Howard Goldowsky

Game Advice

    We are currently recruiting a "mentoring" volunteer to help new members get acquainted, and to coordinate getting their first games in front of me to give comments. See Derek or Harvey if you are interested in volunteering.

Derek Slater



The MCC Library is currently recruiting for a volunteer to be the Program Director. The Library is in good shape, and taking care of it will be light duty. This is a key position, since it gets quite a bit of use from the lower sections.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email Library at MetroWestChess.org or see me on Tuesday nights.

Matthew Phelps