December 2003



From the Editor

This newsletter is delayed one week to wait for the end of the Stan Crowe Memorial tournament. The Stan Crowe results are inside. 

In addition to remarkable upsets, the Stanley Crowe broke attendance records with 105 players. This is 11 more than the record of 94 just established in October 2003!

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Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
MetroWest Chess Club


Club Elections  – this is a must read.

Member Survey – Ready for you to fill out!




North East Chess

And the winner is .....MetroWest CC. In the just concluded Fall Getaway, MertoWest CC was simply dominant. Last Getaway (Summer) MetroWest CC reclaimed the number one spot. This time MetroWest CC did not only hang on the number one spot but dominated scoring more than twice in points (65) to the trailing Boylston CC (31). Congratulations! There were many Club individual winners but one who deserves special mention is John Bottini who won clear first in the U1300 section.

Next weekend tournament is the Winter Getaway to be held Jan. 23-25, 2004 at DoubleTree Hotel in Lowell MA. Please plan ahead and see you there.


Severine Wamala


Member Survey

    Survey ready!

The survey is ready for you to fill out. It should take less than 5 minutes for most members, and your input will shape the Club in 2004.

MetroWest CC Member Survey for 2003 (click here)


Harvey Reed

Board Activity


Elections status -- please read

The nominations period has ended, and the  the Board of Director slate is:


Since the number of qualified Nominees does not exceed the Size of the board for the upcoming year, we are required to announce to you the membership that the election is uncontested and that no further election process is necessary until the Annual Meeting at Tuesday January 20, 2004 at 6:00pm.

At the Annual meeting, the new Directors introduce themselves to the Club membership, and take over as Directors (no election by members since this is uncontested). Existing Officers stay in place until the Directors elect new Officers from the new Directorship at the first meeting of the board after the Annual meeting which this year will be held on Thursday, February 5, 2004 at 6:30pm at the Kennedy Senior Center.

To learn more about our governance, click here.

Mark Kaprielian, President

Anti-SPAM update


Trevor has successfully completed the anti-SPAM prototype. He is now putting the finishing touches on it. We hope to have it running in January 2004.

Harvey Reed, Marketing Director & Mark Kaprielian, WebMaster




    Almost 100 new games!

The freshly updated database contains 457 games up from 365 games last May, and it is sorted by date. 38 of the new games are from summer and fall 2003 events. These include all games sent to the games archive mailing list since Eric and I got involved.

The other 54 newly added games are from the club archives and are mostly from high rated contests from past events in 1984, 1987 and 1988.

We also hope you enjoy the new feature of being able to play through portions of the game collection with your browser, including the Tal simul from 1988!

To see the collections look for "collections : games" link on the right hand side of the home page.

Eric Sonnenstuhl and Steve Eddins



We are looking for a volunteer who is PC savvy and can help us maintain our URL link collection. It is very useful and one of the best in the country. Contact Mark.

To see who the MCC Volunteers are, click here.

 Mark Kaprielian 

Official Merchandise

    We have a number of items in stock for sale, T-shirts, Polo shirts and caps that can be purchased Tuesday. No need to place an order if you spot an item with the size and color you want. Display will be set up with the Book Vendor and he will collect your payment.
To view the complete line of merchandise, go to our home page and follow the link "Official Merchandise" on the left, or click here. Everything can be ordered online, securely, via Pay Pal, or with a paper form available at the Club.

 Mark Kaprielian 

Books and Equipment


Holiday Sale

I am going to have a big book sale on a big selection of books,

Round 1 -- Tuesday December 9.

The sale will be between 25% and 50% off with most items in the 30%-35% range, and I can accept PayPal at my email address.  

Please email me at StateLineChess at Hotmail.com  for more info. 


Randi Macuit, Stateline Chess



Monthly Tournaments


MCC Holiday Swiss

When December 9-16-23-30, 2003
Format 4-SS, 40/90, SD/30
Prizes $ 800, 100% G
Open: $ 200 – 120 – 80
U1800: $ 100 – 60 – 30
U1500: $ 60 – 40 – 20
U1200 $ 40 30 – 20
Entry Fee
(all sections)
Masters > 2200 Free
MCC Members $ 15
Others $ 20



November 2003 standings

Congratulations to the winners of the Stanley Crowe!:

Open GM Alexander Ivanov

Of special note: Andrew Taylor rated 1308 entered the Open Section and tied for fourth place

U1750 Seth Johnson
U1450 T.J. Martin and Doug Thompson

November 2003 commentary

Players with upsets over 200 points:

Round 5
Andrew Taylor
Anirudh Arun
Round 4
James Todhunter
Chris Berg-Jones
Joshua A Hanson
Anirudh Arun
Andrew D Ossmann
Stasik Popov
Round 3
Andrew Taylor
Chris Berg-Jones
Round 2
Andrew Taylor
Seth P Johnson
Chris Berg-Jones
Anbu Damodaran
Gregory W Cermak
Dylan M Weissman
William Luff
Round 1
Robert Huntington
Andrew Taylor
Larry Pratt
Seth P Johnson
Plamen Krastev
Harry Henriques
Dylan M Weissman
Lior Rozhansky
David L Levens
Sam A Giler
Players with multiple upsets over 200 points:

Andrew Taylor (4!)
Anirudh Arun
Chris Berg-Jones
Seth P Johnson
Dylan M Weissman







Cross tables and Ratings

The October crosstable is posted and rated.

Sections Due to increased attendance, MetroWest CC will offer 4 sections for all 4-round tournaments; for the time being, 5-round events will continue to have 3 sections.  The prize structure has been revised to increase the prize money for each section with prizes awarded for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placements in each section.
Game Scores

If you are in the Open section, please use the 'carbonless score sheets' that we provide, and turn in a copy of your game score when you are done with your game. If you have questions, send email to Games at MetroWestChess.org for questions.

Important Rule Unrated players may not win more than $50 except in the Open section.
Equipment Please bring your own sets and clocks. We have a limited number available for use by those new to the game without their own equipment yet.

James Krycka

2004 Club Championship Qualification Point Standings

  As announced last month, the annual Club Championship has been re-instated. It will be held in the spring of each year as a closed 5-RR section run in parallel with the other sections. The six participants will be the top six club members on the championship points list (who accept the invitation). Players earn points during the previous calendar year by placing 1st-2nd-3rd in the Open section, 1st-2nd in the Upper section, and 1st in the next highest section on a graduated scale based on the section level and number of rounds. For example, in December 2003, there will be 112 points available in the Open section, 36 in the U1800 section, and 8 in the U1500 section for the top placements, plus bonus points for a perfect score. In addition, players have to be club members and need to play in at least 4 events during the year in order to have their championship points count towards qualification.

To jump start the qualification process for 2004, championship points will be awarded for performance in the Jan-Dec events for 2003. For this year only, anyone who is a member at the end of the year will be considered a member for all of 2003 for the purpose of earning qualification points.

The leaders in the championship point standings using Jan-Nov 2003 results are:


Igor Foygel




Charles Riordan




Alexander Ivanov


(has not yet met 4-event minimum)


Edward Epp




John Curdo




Chris Desmarais


(cannot meet 4-event minimum)


John Chamberlain




George Goulding




James Todhunter


(wins tie breaker)


Eric Sonnenstuhl




Seth Johnson


(has not yet met 4 event minimum)


Severine Wamala




Ames Abbot




Frederick Smith




Howard Goldowski




Patrick Sciacca




Bill Stein



If GM Ivanov competes in the December event, as expected, he will qualify. Chris Desmarais, who has only played in two events, cannot qualify for the club championship. Assuming that Ivanov meets the 4-event requirement, the top 5 players are guaranteed to finish in the top 6. However, the sixth spot is still "up for grabs" with one tournament left to earn championship points.

For more info, contact me at Info at MetroWestChess.org

James Krycka

Scholastic Tournaments


The Scholastic Tournament schedule for summer 2004 is proposed and in review phase. Watch this space for final date announcement.  If you are interested in volunteering for front-line or backup work, let me know!

For more info, contact me at Info at MetroWestChess.org

John Bottini

Team Email Matches


MCC-2 games are almost done. I will update the game PGNs sometime in November.

You can view the MCC-2 live games by following the link from the pairing page (near top), or just click here. The games are the current position minus 3 moves, to discourage accidental analysis with the players.

James Krycka

Special Events

No special events scheduled.

Mark Kaprielian


Learn & Improve

Weekly Group Lessons

    The weekly lesson will be continuing the series on opening traps. Upcoming will be traps in:
  • King's Indian
  • Benoni
  • Dutch Defence
  • flank openings
  • Bird's Opening, and others.

See you in class!

John Chamberlain

Chess School


Please fill out the member survey described above in this newsletter, so we can determine the next classes.

Thank you!

Howard Goldowsky

Game Advice

    We will be re-vitalizing this program for Fall 2003, stay tuned.

Derek Slater



The several dozen books donated last month have been catalogued and are now available. Among them are the classics "My 60 Memorable Games" by Bobby Fischer and "The Oxford Companion to Chess." Check them out!

The MetroWest CC Library is the featured program for the month of December, so watch for information all month. As always, email the library (address below) or see Matt Phelps on Tuesday's for any questions or suggestions for the MetroWest CC Library.

If you have questions or comments, please email Library at MetroWestChess.org or see me on Tuesday nights.

Matthew Phelps