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Ooops!  New Flash#1 is a correction to some mis-printed dates, and News Flash#2 is a late breaking news item on our Team Email Match series.

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Harvey Reed
Marketing Director
MetroWest Chess Club

News Flash #1

Date Corrections

Weekly Group Lesson

John Chamberlain presents:
Week 2: Forks
Week 3: Rundowns
Week 4: Special Lecture
Week 5: Inducing and deflection

Igor Foygel will give a special lecture during week 4 of the Weekly Group Lesson, on Tuesday June 22, 2004

John Chamberlain 


Igor Foygel

Book & Equipment Vendor

Our book & equipment vendor, Stateline Chess presents a lecture/simul by Alexander Ivanov on Sunday June 27, 2004 in Haverhill MA


This is a Stateline Chess event and is not a MetroWest CC event

Alexander Ivanov


News Flash #2

MetroWest CC 3rd Team Email Match

Team Email Match

The roster for the MetroWest CC team MCC-03 who will compete against the International Email Chess Club (IECC) is set, and has been submitted to IECC.

The games will start mid-June, and can be viewed on our website, delayed by 3 full moves, to discourage kibbitzing.

The Captain is Eric Berkey, and he will also be a player. The full roster is listed to the right. Their initial email rating is listed (OTB + 150 points).

James Krycka is a returning player from the MCC-01 "Dream Team" that defeated the IECC opposing team; a rare defeat for IECC. Mike Barry and Jason Krienke are returning from the MCC-02 team where Jason was the only MetroWest CC player to get a full point, and he did so as Black!

The IECC team is a seasoned international competitor that regularly competes with ICCF rated teams. ICCF is the FIDE equivalent for correspondence chess, except they are not corrupt, and are actually well organized :-)

Let's wish the MCC-03 Team good luck on their journey!


Team Email Match page

MCC-01 v IECC-64

MCC-02 v IECC-70

MCC-03 v IECC-84 (waiting for IECC roster)

Mike Barry (1858)

Eric Berkey - CAPTAIN (1779)

James Krycka (1566)

Jack Appelmans (1403)

Jason Krienke (1383)




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